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About Fluke Fish

A popular catch in New York during the summer, the north Atlantic fluke is a versatile fish. Chef Todd has featured this local favorite on the Crave Fishbar menu in many preparations, from crudo to sushi nigiri, in ceviche, and as a broiled fillet. “I love that it is almost always local and has a very soft fine fake,” says Chef Todd.
Also known as “Summer Flounder,” our fluke lands in Montauk. They spend their summers inshore until winter when they migrate into deeper waters and travel south to the Carolinas. Fluke are flatfish. They have a distinct “left eye,” meaning that both eyes are on the same side of the body, side by side (other flounders and flatfish, in contrast, have one eye on each side). Spotted in appearance, fluke are chameleons of the sea, able to camouflage themselves on the ocean floor as they hunt for food. They pray on minnows, squid, and small crustaceans. 
Hand-operated pole-and-lines are the most sustainable method for harvesting fluke. This style of fishing enables a fisherman to target the fish without disrupting the marine habit for the other species. Handline harvested fluke is a Seafood Watch “Best Choice.” Bottom trawls are also sometimes used; this has a larger environmental impact, but management of the trap net fisheries in the US-Mid Atlantic and New England is proficient at minimizing bycatch and habitat disruption, making the bottom trawl method a Seafood Watch “Good Alternative.” 
Fluke has a delicate flavor and texture; simple ingredients like olive oil, sea salt, and lemon pair best in most preparations. Rich sauces can overpower the fish. “Since the flesh is very thin I like broiling fluke and or serving it raw as sushi, sashimi or ceviche,” Chef Todd says. Poaching fluke is also a great option because the fish is low in natural oils. 

Facts About Fluke

Catch Region: 
Montauk, NY, northeast, and Mid-Atlantic
Catch Method: Sustainably line caught or bottom trawl
Seasonality: Fluke is harvested in the local New York area during the summer and from the Mid-Atlantic during the winter
Flavor Profile: Sweet and mild
Texture Profile: Delicate
Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Rating: Best Choice/ Green or Good Alternative/ Yellow
Recommended Preparation: Broiling, poaching, or raw preparations such as crudo, ceviche, or sushi/ sashimi
Also Known As: Summer flounder, hirame, northern fluke
Substitute: Halibut
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